Visual Understanding

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Please find more publication and technical reports on Google Scholar. Some of our codes and datasets are available at GitHub.

Abbreviations: [C]: Conference; [J] Journal; [W] Workshop; [TR]: Technical Report; [B]: Book; [P]: Patent; [Comp]: Competition; [Proj]: Project; [Org] Program Organization; [SOTA]: State-of-the-art (at the time of publication)

Image Classification

Object Detection


Activity Recognition

    • [Proj] Deep Intermodal Video Analytics (DIVA), sponsored by IARPA, 2017.10 - 2021.09

    • [W] Object-Centric Spatio-Temporal Activity Detection and Recognition, Mandis Beigi, Lisa M Brown, Quanfu Fan, John Henning, Chung-Ching Lin, Honghui Shi, Chiao-fe Shu, Rogerio Feris, NIST TRECVID Workshop, 2018

    • [Comp] NIST/IARPA TRECVID Activity Recognition Challenge 1st Place (2018)

Visual Relationship, Reasoning, Grounding; Vision + Language

    • [Proj] Collaborative research on multimedia with Blender Lab at UIUC, 2020

    • [Proj] Collaborative research on visual reasoning with IBM Research, 2020

    • [Comp] Visual Relationship Detection - Google AI Open Images Challenge, Silver Medal (2018)

Human-Centered Vision

Low-Level Vision