Prospective Students

I am looking for prospective students, visitors, interns, and post-docs at all-levels, whether you are already in the US or from abroad.

Besides academic mentorship, I might also be able to provide funding support; I also connect my students to internship and job opportunities at top AI labs and companies.

I am looking for top students equipped with:

    • Exceptional motivation, critical thinking, persistency for excellence in research and leadership

    • Strong background in math and engineering

    • Suitable personality and team spirit

Please Contact me if you believe you are a good fit.

Note to new applicants:

Thanks for your interest in my lab!

I am not able to reply to potential students' inquiries due to the large amount of emails I am receiving and my current schedule, unless I am planning to invite you for an interview.

To increase the chance of me reaching back to you for an interview, please state clearly and briefly in the email why you are exceptional and what you can contribute to our lab. Examples of such evidence from my past students include ACM ICPC Gold Medals, research and publication experience in top AI conferences (CVPR/ICCV/ECCV/NeurIPS), top ranking (<5%) among your peers from the best university in your country etc. These examples are not the standard but just some references, I am always looking for students that are exceptional in different ways with the promise to develop into future leaders in your generation, with the help and resources of our lab.


I was contacted by a number of excellent students with various questions, I am trying to answer some of frequent ones here:

Do you still have openings?

  • Yes.

Why SHI Lab?

  • SHI Lab aims at supporting its members' success and producing the future generations of the world's technical leaders. The unique resources and connections at SHI Lab will enable our members' rapid growth with momentum and a pathway to potential future career opportunities (collaboration, internships, postdocs, full-time etc.) at top organizations, either in industry or academia.

How to apply to be part of the SHI Lab?

  • Please send me an email first. In your email subject line, use "[App for SHI Lab xxx] yyy": xxx from {Internship, PhD, Postdoc}, yyy = any additional words you want to add.